"History Changes"

Jared Davis
November 2, 2014

Napoleon Bonaparte said, "History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon." This statement by Napoleon is very true and still relates to many subjects today.

There are many events throughout history that we have learned more about and have uncovered a different story. Christopher Columbus has been seen differently today than he has been viewed in the past. Christopher Columbus was celebrated as a hero and now is seen as a murderer and conqueror. New information affects the stories people tell. History, as we know it today, is just widely accepted stories of our past. How we view Christopher Columbus now is different than it was forty years ago.

History is forever changing and there's always more than one side of a story. Today we need to accept and always remember that something could change depending on what comes to light. The general public should be more open to listening to more than one source for news and learn multiple versions of history. As we discover more and more about the past, the more we will understand about our specific history.

How will events be viewed in 50 years that happen today? Will there be a variety of answers or just one basic plain story. Some people viewed as heroes at one time are now looked at as villains. The things that go down in history are chosen by the people who write them down. In today's world, we must see and shape our history.

Malcolm X was widely misunderstood as a civil rights leader. Many people perceived him as violent and radical. Malcolm X actually changed many of his philosophies towards the end of his life. After his trip to Mecca, he reevaluated what he knew and taught. If he lived longer, he might have been celebrated like we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. History is always changing and we can make adjustments to what we know all the time.

Barack Obama is serving his second term as the first African American President. We will continue to have events shape his reputation and how he will go down in the history books. Some say he isn't an effective President and some say he has done a good job even with a congress that promotes so much partisanship. History always changes and can always be changed.

President John F. Kennedy, in the public eye, was a great man who died too soon. Historians rank him as an ineffective President and, during his short term, he wasn't very successful in many of the things he wanted to accomplish.

History always changes and there are always two sides to a story. We need to understand this and apply it to modern times because will have to pick which story gets passed down in the history books. Hopefully, a good story, but, most importantly, an honest story.

Malcolm X in Mecca. Image from Sri Lanka's Daily News