"The World is Getting Bigger and Smaller at the Same Time"

Robert Parks
November 2, 2014

Believe it or not, the world is getting smaller and bigger at the same time. By this, I mean the global population is increasing, but global resources are not. There are certain resources which are not renewable that are crucial to the function of our society and we are running out of those resources faster than we would like to know. If the day ever comes where there is not enough food, water, land, or whatever else, there will be drastic consequences.

History has shown that it is difficult for people of different backgrounds to come together to solve a problem; for example, the Armenians and the Turks have been living in the same region of the Middle East for centuries, but they began to have disputes over land in the early 20th century. These disputes over territory, among other things, led to the Armenian Genocide in which the Turks murdered over 1.5 million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire. This is a very extreme example of the point that I want to make, but it is a very good example of two opposing sides that could not come to an agreement and ended up with horrible results.

There have been many other incidents throughout history that had a similar theme; where two sides could not come together to solve their problem. I truly believe that people of different backgrounds need to learn to come together in times of struggle if we want to be able to survive.

Resources are becoming scarcer as the global population increases each day. There are already millions of people that do not have food or clean drinking water; we can only imagine the effects that a more significant food or water shortage would have on the population. Just like when the Armenians and the Turks fought over territory, I think that the same kinds of disputes would start to occur again if there were a shortage of any important resource. People will be fighting over food, land, water, oil, and lots of other things, and if we do not learn to cooperate and try to make the situation equal for everyone, then it will probably lead to war.

Land degradation is limiting the amount of food we can produce on a global scale Not having enough water means not having enough food, either, because nothing will be able to grow in such a dry environment. Although we cannot necessarily produce enough resources to go around to everyone, we can try to learn to cooperate with each other to properly ration out the right amount of resources. Not only do we have to try to continue to increase the amount of food we produce on the large scale, I think it would also help immensely for people to start growing more food on a small scale.

If more people were to start a garden in their backyard with some of their favorite foods, that could eventually help feed a lot more people—and with healthy food, too. There are certain problems that we are still looking for an answer to, like what we will do when there is hardly any clean drinking water left, but we can start making that situation easier on ourselves by learning to share.

There are seven billion people in the world, and all of us need food, water, and other resources to be able to get by on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to produce enough resources to be able to support such a large population, but it makes it a lot harder when we are fighting with each other instead of trying to make the situation better. Thinking back to the Armenians and the Turks, they made a bad situation much worse than it had to be because they could not cooperate; the result was one of the most horrific events in human history. If we cannot cooperate with our neighbors, whatever background they may have, we will only be witnessing more wars and turmoil in the future when resources are almost gone.

Photo Credit: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)