Chapter 1:
Jeffersonian America
Chapter 2:
The War of 1812
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Revolution in Industry
Chapter 5:
The Peculiar Institution
Chapter 6:
Antebellum South
Chapter 7:
The Civil War
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:
The Pursuit of Perfection
Chapter 10:
The West
Chapter 11:


  • Gaining Florida & Texas

  • Native American societies under pressure (being prepared by Ben Leck)

  • The Trail of Tears

    (being prepared by Danielle Rubbo)

  • "White" Cherokee s

  • Andrew Jackson

  • The Monroe Doctrine

  • Democrats vs. Whigs

  • Know Nothing Party

Matthew Brady's Portrait of Chief Ouray and Chipeta of the Ute Tribe.