Advanced Drama Radio Hour Episode 1: The Saint: The Robin Hood of Modern Crime

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Young Tommy Patchek breaks out of prison to save his own life because Charlie Ferelli, the Italian mob boss, is out to kill him. And it is up to Simon Templar a.k.a. The Saint, the Robin Hood of Modern Crime, to prove that Tommy was innocent all along.

Sophia Arthurs – Jan the Warden, Samantha the Cheerful Detective
Madison Brown – Louise the Cab Driver
Hannah Crowe – Frankie the Gangster/Bartender
Tyson Hogan – Simon Templar the Saint
Anastasia Kallas – Hazel the Old Landlady
Kylie Orphan – Nancy Patchek the Sister, Newsboy
Tommy Reed – Tommy Patchek the Fugitive
Jenny Rodriguez – Charlotte (Charlie) Ferelli the Mob Boss

Sophia Arthurs, Hannah Crowe, Tyson Hogan, Anastasia Kallas, Kylie Orphan, Jenny Rodriguez
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