Back To The Future Game Episode 5 OUTATIME Full Game Movie No Commentary

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Welcome Player's & Time Travelers, are you ready for a walkthrough with Time Traveling Adventure & to save the time stream as we know it, well in this five episode time traveling series you can with Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown. Briefing, The date is October 13th 1931, Marty is about to fix Doc Brown's Future to science. But Edna Strickland somehow talked to Detective Danny Parker into closing Emmett's Booth, fortunately Marty manged to uncover Edna's secret that she's the speakeasy arsonist and got young Doc's science booth to run. That means Marty managed to bring Doc Brown back to the world of science and managed to send a message to younger Doc so he can only look at it in the future so older Doc can use the Delorean Time Machine to travel back to bring Marty back home. But now Edna managed to escape in the alternate Delorean into the past, so now Marty and Doc must find a way to stop Edna Strickland in order to bring her back to jail and restore Hill Valley once and for all. This walkthrough will aid you, Marty and Doc as you will face the concluding chapter, put an end to Edna Strickland and to save Hill Valley's Past, Present and Future. Good Luck!
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