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This book talks about the inequality and racism in America. What it's like being black in America and what white people think about certain subjects.

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Although this site does not specifically talk about southern slavery, it does provide some decent insight of slavery in the North. An understanding of northern slavery is ideal in our understanding of slavery in general.

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Finding this source allowed me to get more background information on the Enlightenment, before I went on to look up Charles Darwin.

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This source analyzed the relationship of Spain and Portugal during the Age of Discovery.

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This article talks about the formation and origin of the language the slaves would have used and the different dialects, such as Pidgin and Creole.

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This article shows that slave life was equally terrible for men and women. They would work the same number of hours, but men would get the more labor-intensive tasks.

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This richly illustrated book present the human side of slavery through stories of slaves themselves. It highlights the struggles slaves went through.

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This book my not have been all about Jackson, but the few chapters that it had, were filled with vital information about his views and presidency. This book is by far my favorite so far on my lighting topic! It's an easy read that is not dry and boring like most of the other novels that I've read so far.

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This book was used to give me a better understanding of where Darwin came from and how his theory changed evolution.

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Cranial surgery has been performed since at least 6500 BCE. This girl's skull from 3500 BCE has new bony tissue which indicates that the girl survived her surgery.

Photo Credit: Rama