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This book talks about many influential people during the time of slavery, such as, George Washington Carver, William J. Seymour, and Harriet Tubman and the role they played in that time period.

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Lots of information regarding his win into becoming president and how he was the only president to serve in both the American revolution and the war of 1812. Also how he was born in a log cabin and had no formal information yet became president.

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This article was about the democratic party and how the Jacksonian party was formed. And how there party and the democratic party were for the American people.

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This novel is a real story about a slave girl and the hell that she went through. It was a very important read for my research.

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I found as many books about Darwin as possible to get all the information I could.

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Genghis Khan's grandson Kublai Khan although not too popular made many advancements for the Mongols. In 1279 he and his army defeated the Chinese Southern Song, thus putting China under foreign rule for the first time.

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This book gives the interpretation that pre-deportation Acadia was something of an earthly paradise, and was relatively peaceful, prosperous, and happy.

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This video shows a woman narrating her life in a play. She recounts an encounter with her slave master where she lashed out at him angrily.

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An interactive timeline of the Pacific front during World War II.

Eight years after the invention of the telephone, someone made prank phone calls to undertakers. As reported on page 40 of The Electrical World 3.5 (2 February 1884):

A GRAVE JOKE ON UNDERTAKERS -- Some malicious wag at Providence R.I. has been playing a grave practical joke on the undertakers there, by summoning them over the telephone to bring freezers, candlesticks and coffin for persons alleged to be dead. In each case the denoument was highly farcical, and the reputed corpses are now hunting in a lively manner for that telephonist.