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This site includes tons of photos from the Pacific in World War II that I found very interesting to look at.

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This article gives a basic introduction to the war in the Pacific.

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This article goes over Japan's start of the war and their plans and attacks. This is an article written by Mark Weber and his thoughts on why the bombings could have been avoided.

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This site contains a timeline of events from 1941-1945 in Central and East Asia and the US & the pacific.

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This book was informational about genetics.

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This e-book gives an overview of slavery and random facts about the time period and what they went through.

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With this book I used five different chapters (5-8, 11) on information from Jacksonian captitalism: agriculture, labor, industry, transportation, commerce and banking. To many different political systems and issues of the Jacksonians.

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This source discussed the side of Columbus's story that evades school lectures. It also provided valuable quotes from his journals written during his voyages.

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Tells about FDR and his decisions outside of the New Deal. Helps readers understand how and why FDR made the decisions he did and helps gain a perspective into the true character of FDR.

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Mithridates Mithridates VI was a fierce opponent of Rome. After his father was assassinated by poison, Mithridates developed an antidote to poison by ingesting small doses of poisons throughout his life. After Mithridates was defeated by Pompey and at risk of being captured by Rome, he attempted to poison himself. However, his antidote worked and he survived. He then asked Bituitus, his friend and bodyguard, to kill him with a sword.

Photo Caption: Marble bust of Pontus Mithridates VI as Heracles, First century.