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This article gave good information about how life was for a black American in the 1960s. It gave information about the Civil Rights movement and different problems such as the segregation of schools.

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A link to footage of both of the bombings in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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This book had six different chapters in which I used (1, 4, 7, 11, 13, and 22), most of which regarding to Jacksonians, the bank, and there form of democracy.

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This book was mainly about Jackson prior to him becoming President. A lot of information about his early life, his duel, his nickname of "Old Hickory" and some brief information about him becoming President.

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Actual manuscript of FDR's fireside chat given to Americans on 7/24/1933 explaining the purposes and foundations of the Recovery Program.

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Composition of FDR's scripts from all of his fireside chats. Shows readers how FDR was a good public speaker and how he could captivate an audience.

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This book is about people's petition against and opinion of slavery.

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This book is supposed to be a novel form of a documentary on the slavery in North America. As such, it is very informative and contains a multitude of information I found very useful to my research.

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This book includes views and responses from multiple countries involved in the war and explains it's interpretations.

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This allowed me to see how evolution changed biology.

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The book allowed me to see further into Darwin and what people called, "The Darwinian Revolution." It was very informative.

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I used this book to gain more information on Evolution.

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Washington D.C. was the first example in the U.S. of a city planned by a trained professional. The plan effectively combined European and American ideas of planning.

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On 17 May 1886, Alfonso XIII was crowned King of Spain on the day of his birth. His father, Alfonso XII had died 25 November 1885.

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