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Curtis offers more information on the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War.

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This book gives a lot of military detail on the events prior to and during Little Bighorn. It has a lot of information about Custer and his life and personality. The information was good, but I feel like I could not include it in my presentation in a way that fits well.

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This article explains how the Manhattan Project, got it's name.

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This source offered a description of the beginnings of colonization as a result of the Age of Exploration. It also mentioned how the imagination of European cartographers showed up in their maps, even their "scientific" ones.

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This biography on Andrew Jackson had a lot more detailed information about the bank war than the other books. Along with information on 'the second bank war" and the Jacksonian democracy.

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This autobiography is about a man who worked as a cotton driver on a plantation in Alabama for several years. Autobiographies are a great read because it's a first-hand account of what happened in a slave's life.

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This site gives a brief idea on what the Ghost Dance is and what it meant to the Natives. This site does not provide information on how the Natives used this dance or any specific instances of it occurring. It also does give reasons why the Ghost Dance eventually died out in the Sioux culture.

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This article covers Japan's attacks on America, America's response, and the results of the war.

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Explains the WPA and the progress that it made during its first couple years after being enacted by President FDR.

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I used this source mainly for its brief description of the Ghost Dance. It was very helpful to me because I feel like I didn't need to go into a lot of detail about the ritual in order to set up my discussion on Wounded Knee.

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This site gives an overview of the causes of the Cold War.

When Les Miserables was published in 1862, Victor Hugo was on vacation. Because he wanted to know how the novel was being received, Hugo sent a message to his publisher that included a single character. His publisher responded with a single character. The entire correspondence was:

Hugo: ?
Publisher: !

Photo Caption: √Čtienne Carjat, 1876.