Chapter 1:
Native Americans
Chapter 2:
European Background
Chapter 3:
Discovery and Exploration
Chapter 4:
Conquest and Settlement
Chapter 5:
Iberian Elements
Chapter 6:
French Elements
Chapter 7:
African Elements
Chapter 8:
17th Century
Chapter 9:
18th Century
Chapter 10:
Revolutionary Era
Chapter 11:
Founding of the United States
Chapter 12:
Early 19th Century

Conquest and Settlement of the Americas

  • New England

  • Middle Colonies

  • Southern Colonies

William Byrd II (1709"“1744) was a Virginia planter and surveyor who for a period of time served as a lawyer in England. He helped survey the boundary line between Virginia and North Carolina; an experience he recorded in The History of the Dividing Line Betwixt Virginia and North Carolina which was not published until a century after his death. Byrd is also known for his diaries that record day-to-day life on his plantation.

Photo Credit: Sir Godfrey Kneller, c. 1700"“1704