Chapter 1:
Native Americans
Chapter 2:
European Background
Chapter 3:
Discovery and Exploration
Chapter 4:
Conquest and Settlement
Chapter 5:
Iberian Elements
Chapter 6:
French Elements
Chapter 7:
African Elements
Chapter 8:
17th Century
Chapter 9:
18th Century
Chapter 10:
Revolutionary Era
Chapter 11:
Founding of the United States
Chapter 12:
Early 19th Century

Iberian Elements in the Early Americas

  • Treaty of Tordesillas

  • Florida

  • Conquest of Mexico

  • California Missions

Coat of Arms for St. Augustine, Florida

Founded in September 1565, St. Augustine is the first city settled by Europeans in what is now the United States. In 1566, Martín de Argüelles was the first child of European descent to be born in the continental United States. In 1606, Augustin was the first child of African descent to be born in what is now the United States. It was not until 1585 when the first English settlement — Roanoke, Virgina — was first established. Jamestown, Virginia was not founded until 1607.