Chapter 1:
Native Americans
Chapter 2:
European Background
Chapter 3:
Discovery and Exploration
Chapter 4:
Conquest and Settlement
Chapter 5:
Iberian Elements
Chapter 6:
French Elements
Chapter 7:
African Elements
Chapter 8:
17th Century
Chapter 9:
18th Century
Chapter 10:
Revolutionary Era
Chapter 11:
Founding of the United States
Chapter 12:
Early 19th Century

African Elements in the Early Americas

  • Middle Passage

  • The Triangle Trade

  • Food and Culture

  • Free blacks

  • Slavery

  • Slave Rebellions

Benjamin Banneke (1731-1806) was a free black who published an almanac from 1792-1797. The 1795 edition included a woodcut image of Banneke. In addition to being a publisher, he was also a scientist, mathematician, farmer, and astronomer. He was part of the team who surveyed the boundery for Washington, DC. Although he is pictured wearing Quaker dress, he is not known to have formally become a Quaker.