Chapter 1:
Native Americans
Chapter 2:
European Background
Chapter 3:
Discovery and Exploration
Chapter 4:
Conquest and Settlement
Chapter 5:
Iberian Elements
Chapter 6:
French Elements
Chapter 7:
African Elements
Chapter 8:
17th Century
Chapter 9:
18th Century
Chapter 10:
Revolutionary Era
Chapter 11:
Founding of the United States
Chapter 12:
Early 19th Century

In addition to what is posted under the chapter headings, the following student created materials are relevant to Early American History.

  • "The Columbian Exchange" by Malori Torey

  • "A Condensed History of Native North Americans and the Modern Day Perspective" by Ashley Kadish

  • "French Elements in the Early Americas" by Joshua Matschikowski

  • "Season of the Witch" by Samantha Grubb

  • "A Shift in Values" by Dillon Stock

  • "A 21st Century Perspective on the Age of Discovery" by Jacob Lawrence

Abigail Adams was the wife of the second president of the United States and mother of the sixth president. She was an active advisor to her husband throughout his career and over 12,000 letters between the two of them exist. Unlike Martha Washington — her predecessor as first laday — Adams took an active role in politics.

Photo Credit: Gilbert Stuart's portrait of Abigail Adams, c. 1810-15.