College History

Using a collaborative approach, College History will provide basic information that will be primarily created by students for students. Most of the text on this website is being released under a Creative Commons license.

This project will promote discussion between students and faculty as well as others who are interested in history. The collaborative effort will not only help us produce a quality product, but will allow students to develop skills they need for 21st century success.

For the purposes of this website, we are going to take a broad view of what constitutes history and will include work from other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, philosophy, as well as other disciplines.

Individuals interested in contributing to College History are encouraged to make comments on the various pages or to contact .

The College History began during the Spring 2014 semester. Updates and additions to the website will be on-going.

Information for Faculty

College History is a collaboratively written website that is being designed in such a way that it can be incorporated into undergraduate courses. In addition to directing their students to specific pages on the website, because of the Creative Commons License under which the text is being released, faculty members will be able to distribute print copies of materials to their students. If they desire, they can even build their own individualized course packs as long as students are not charged for the material and appropriate credit is given. Faculty members can also encourage their students to participate in the collaborative process on which this website is based.

Information for Students

Even if your professor does not use College History for your course, the various sections of the website will provide a starting point for your research and study of various historical periods. You are also encouraged to contribute to College History to help improve and/or expand the text for other students. Anyone who contributes to College History will be listed as an author of the website.

Creative Commons

Unless otherwise noted, text published on College History is being released under a Creative Commons license.

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