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Michigan History
Time Lines

An ideal on-line resource of Michigan history materials is MeL Michigana where you can find links to a variety of digital collections including:

  • Michigan History
  • Archeology
  • Archives
  • Associations and Organizations
  • Bridges
  • Cities and Villages
  • Ethnic
  • General History
  • History Museums
  • Lighthouses
  • Logging
  • Maritime
  • Military
  • Mining

Michigan History

Michigan history is a general survey of the historical development of Michigan from the primitive wilderness to the present; growth of certain political, economic, social and cultural institutions which contribute to understanding Michigan and the Great Lakes area today; and emphasis on relating the history of the state to that of both the area and the nation.

Approaching History

  • Introduction to the study of history, its content and method
  • Writing about history

Chapter Topics

  • Introduction to Michigan and the Great Lakes area
    • Geology
    • Environment
    • Native Americans
      • Origins
      • Tribes
      • Customs and characteristics
  • The Seventeenth Century
    • The French:
      • Earliest explorers
      • Fur trade
      • Missionaries
      • Early activities in the Lower Peninsula
  • The Eighteenth Century
    • The Duel for Empire:
      • Early Detroit
      • The French and Indian War
      • British control
      • The American Revolution and advent of "American" settlement
  • The Nineteenth Century
    • The "Northwest Territory" and growth of Michigan
      • Exploration and immigration
      • The War of 1812
      • Statehood
      • Social and economic emergence from the wilderness
    • The Civil War and its aftermath
      • Michigan's "coming of age"
      • The lumber era
      • The dominance of Republicanism
  • The Twentieth Century
    • The Rise of the Automobile Industry and Urbanization
    • War, Boom, Bust, and War
    • Political Developments since 1945
    • Economic Developments since 1945
    • Social Developments since 1945
  • The Twenty-first Century
    • Recent cultural trends and prospects for the future

Last Updated: 15 November 2010