Chapter 1:
Jeffersonian America
Chapter 2:
The War of 1812
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Revolution in Industry
Chapter 5:
The Peculiar Institution
Chapter 6:
Antebellum South
Chapter 7:
The Civil War
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:
The Pursuit of Perfection
Chapter 10:
The West
Chapter 11:

In addition to what is posted under the chapter headings, the following student created materials are relevant to Nineteenth-Century American History.

  • "Britain in the U.S. Civil War" by Jenson Phillips

  • "Civil War Medicine" by Brandon Schulz

  • "Fuel for Fire: Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison" by Jonny Bannoura

  • "Looking for Change in Indian Affairs" by Justin Howell

  • "The Road to Freedom" by Laynie Brown

  • "Shining Light on Slavery" by Connor Roy

  • "Perseverance of Andrew Jackson" by Jon Bachman

  • "Seven Day Battle: June 1862 " by Markeshia Orum

  • "The Slave Trade and 19th Century Economic Growth " by Brigitte Jabbaar

  • "Westward Expansion and The Division of a Nation" by Scott Mattler

  • "Unflattening, the British in the American Civil War, and How the Two Relate" by Jenson Phillips

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, c. 1890