Student Projects:

"Ancient Egyptian Military "
by James Bankert (Fall 2013)

"Attention Citizens of Germany"
by Eric DeWulf (Winter 2009)

"A Divided Berlin"
by Anna Santiago (Spring 2013)

"Drinking and Driving"
by Ryan Goyette (Fall 2013)

"History of Drums"
by Cory Carbonneau (Fall 2013)

"How the Greek Gods Influenced the Greeks"
by Fred Bisinger (Winter 2014)

"The Industrial Revolution"
2013 LAND Digital Literacy Competition: Third Place
by Nathan Baines (Fall 2013)

The Manhattan Project
by Paige Nalepka (Spring 2013)

"Medical Tools of Ancient Greeks and Romans"
by Zachary D'Agostino (Fall 2013)

"The Phoenicians"
by George Ansara (Fall 2013)

"PSA: The Crusades"
2013 LAND Digital Literacy Competition: Honorable Mention
by Cameron Harrison (Fall 2013)

"The Reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten"
by Kelly McKay (Fall 2013)

"Season of the Witch"
by Samantha Grubb (Fall 2013)

"Seven Day Battle: June 1862"
by Markeshia Orum

Alice Guy (1873-1968) was the first female film director.