The following websites were created by students in introductory history courses.

  • "Alcohol In Colonial America"
    by Sarah Oryschak (Fall 2013)

  • "Early American Farming"
    by Jason Pascoe (Fall 2013)

  • "History of Chinese Inventions"
    by Alex Darga (Winter 2014)

  • "Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion"
    by Nick Lopus (Winter 2014)

  • "Medicine of the Civil War"
    by Brandon Schulz (Winter 2014)

  • "Nikola Tesla"
    by Scott Franklin (Winter 2014)

  • "Shining Light on Slavery"
    by Connor Roy (Winter 2014)

  • "Slavery and Racism Today"
    by Laynie Brown (Winter 2014)

  • "Slavery: The Human Experience"
    by Evan Joseph (Winter 2014)

  • "Transcontinental Railroad"
    by Scott Sumeracki (Winter 2014)

  • "USA Divided"
    by Cory Brown (Winter 2014)

  • "What is the Modern Day Paddy West?"
    by Andrew Shaw (Winter 2014)

Home page for Sarah Oryschak's "Alcohol In Colonial America."